Level One: Awake


Unlimited memberships available


  • Member’s 22oz chalice for 16oz price all the time (does not include high gravity beer for safety reasons)
  • 1 free growler (first fill is free)
  • 10% off of all merchandise
  • 10% off of all packaged beer to-go (6 packs, 375s, 750s)
  • Mantra pint glass to take home
  • Exclusive email updates from Jules every week
  • Automatically entered to win 2 tickets to ELEVATED PARTY (VIP block party)
  • Automatically entered to win 2 tickets to ENLIGHTENED BEER DINNER (w/ Maneet Chauhan)
  • Rotating special every Wednesday in the taproom for Member’s only

Nitty Gritty:

  • *Memberships and benefits are non-transferable
  • *Discounts/benefits can only be applied to Member, not significant other or family member.
  • *Mantra membership can be suspended or revoked at any time without refund for misuse or conduct in a manner detrimental to the health, safety or welfare of others.
  • *Memberships run from Jan 1st-Dec 31st. Memberships bought after Jan 1st do not have rollover days. Membership always ends Dec. 31st.
  • *Automatic renewal is not guaranteed.
  • *Member’s benefits are subject to change or cancellation at Mantra’s discretion.
  • For more info or specific questions, please email our Taproom Manager, Jules, at: jules@mantrabrewing.com Or, visit our taproom at 216 Noah Drive Suite #140, Franklin, TN 37064